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7 Classic Ways to Spend Labor Day Weekend

7 Classic Ways to Spend Labor Day Weekend September 1, 2017Leave a comment

Buddy Jane, San Francisco

With the Labor Day Weekend upon us, the last official 3-day weekend of the year, and the tail end of summer ’17, the big question is, what is the best way to enjoy it?

To say the “best” is way too subjective so we won’t bother going that route. But here we list 7 tried and true “classic” Labor Day activities that never seem to go out of style.

1. Road Trip – Pack the car, van, or SUV with your best buds, plenty of snacks, and endless playlists, and hit the open road! Best destination? Choose your own adventure… Just remember, the joy is in the journey!

Buddy Jane

2. Camping – Hot as it may be outside right now, camping, especially near a lake or ocean, is one of the most popular to-do’s during Labor Day Weekend, and rightfully so. It’s a great way to bring family and friends together, outside of the daily norm, and far from the typical day-to-day routine. Hanging out with loved ones in nature, even for just a few days, can do wonders for the spirit, slowing the time down and putting the best of us in perspective.

Buddy Jane

3. The Beach – There’s few summer experiences that can compete with a day at the beach. Walking barefoot on the sand, sun rays beaming down on you, cooling off with a swim in the all powerful and unpredictable ocean. This, with great friends and whatever party favors you may bring. Timeless. Though it will likely be extremely crowded as it’s one of the busiest times of year, Labor Day Weekend is the ideal time to bask in it and say farewell to the summer. Plus, wave watching while smoking a joint is never a bad idea.

Buddy Jane

4. Pool Party – If going out of town isn’t your thing or just isn’t feasible, fear not. A great alternative is the pool party. If you live in the city or anywhere near, I’m sure you’ve seen at least a few advertised somewhere by now. Even if it’s not a full on party per se, Labor Day weekend gives a justified go ahead to take full advantage of any place you have access to that has an open pool. From rooftop hotels, friends with backyards, to apartment buildings, the pool is another popular place to be this weekend!

Buddy Jane

5. BBQ – Lounging in a friend’s backyard with some grilled food, drinks, smoke, good music… A simple, no fail, guaranteed good time!

Buddy Jane

6. Hiking – Exploring the great outdoors is probably the simplest way, despite the working out part, to escape the routine work week. And so it being Labor Day Weekend, a great way to put work aside, gain perspective, reflect on life, and center yourself, is to venture out into nature. In this way, hiking is very much like camping, just not as much of a commitment but you still reap some of the built in benefits as listed above. Bringing a little herb along for the adventure is well worth it too. Just be sure to bring a lot of water as well. Stay high, stay hydrated.

Buddy Jane

7. Nothing – Last but not least, not a damn thing! It IS Labor Day, so taking it all the way easy and not doing a damn thing is one hell of a way to celebrate your day off from the year-round ‘laboring’ you may be accustomed to. Have your free day and do what you will with it.

Happy Labor Day Weekend every buddy!

By Stone Chomsky (@StoneChomsky)

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