About Us

Buddy Jane began as a simple question between creators & long time buddies Loni & Paul. The question being, with the variety of cannabis apps out there, why isn’t there one that can both lead me to a good local dispensary & at the same time connect me with nearby friends who love marijuana too & might want to join me? We said, if there’s Facebook & all these other social apps that make it easier for friends to connect with each other & meet at local bars, why can’t we do the same for people like us & the rest of the cannabis community? It was at that point that Buddy Jane came to be. Since then, we have been building & shaping Buddy Jane with the intention of creating a friendly, easy to use, all-in-one platform for cannabis lovers to connect & share in an open, respectful, and welcoming environment.

We think Buddy Jane can be a valuable service to the global cannabis community, connecting people of all types in an openly expressive social forum to share our common likes & our cultural differences, which ultimately, we believe will bring us closer together. Buddy Jane’s motto is “smoke anywhere with any buddy,” & connecting the worldwide cannabis community is exactly who & what Buddy Jane is here for.

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