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Canna-butter Explosion Lands A Las Vegas Man in the Hospital

Canna-butter Explosion Lands A Las Vegas Man in the Hospital January 6, 2018Leave a comment

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A Las Vegas resident was badly burned while cooking cannabis to create canna-butter in his apartment just days before Christmas. Las Vegas firefighters responded to 2121 North Jones Boulevard in Las Vegas, NV around 8:49 p.m. on Dec. 19th for what was reported to be a grease fire in one of the upstairs apartments.

When firefighters arrived, the fire had already gone out but there was a man in front of the building who had been burned. The victim, unnamed by authorities, had suffered about 18% burns to his body, mostly his arm. He was then sent to the University Medical Trauma unit. Firefighters later determined that this was not a regular cooking accident but was caused by butane used in the cooking process. When they arrived they found evidence of a fire by observing the stovetop, and microwave above it, had both been damaged by fire.

Firefighters followed burn spots on the ground outside of the building and found an object that was thought to be a pipe bomb because of the cylindrical shape. This was later determined to be a known tool used for creating canna-butter at home. By cooking cannabis through a process of steps, concentrated THC can be produced which can then be cooked and mixed with butter. This can then be added to any recipe calling for butter to be added. However, this process can evidently be hazardous if executed incorrectly.

There are various methods of extraction but one popular way has been through the use of butane to speed up the cooking process. When the right measures aren’t taken to safeguard, the butane can explode and cause severe damage or potential death. Firefighter investigators believe this is what happened in this incident. Especially after speaking with the victim’s Father, who had shown the younger man how to make canna-butter.

Narcotics detectives with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police are still investigating the incident and told reporters that cooking the concentrate in a private home is not illegal but they would not recommend it.

By Tracy Jerome Chisley (@PoeticPanther)

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