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Keep Growing: Coco For Cannabis – A Grower’s Guide – For YOU!

Keep Growing: Coco For Cannabis – A Grower’s Guide – For YOU! November 30, 2018Leave a comment

After reading Coco for Cannabis: A Grower’s Guide by Dr. M.J. Coco, here is what I got from it… A LOT! A breeze to read and packed with helpful resources and tips for growing, even for the layman, Coco for Cannabis is a must for anyone seeking to learn more about growing their own.

First of all, some brief background on myself in the area of cannabis. Initially before moving West, I was only a cannabis smoker with very little insight on the plant other than that there was Sativa, Hybrids, Indica and what the general effects of each. I also understood the difference between what was quality product versus inferior.

One of my main focuses, after having moved out West was to immerse myself into the industry and to learn as much as I possibly could about cannabis from various angles. I have done that and will continue to and I must say that this book has elevated me to another level in 2 and a half hours of reading!

I’m not one of the growers at State Flower Cannabis (Las Vegas, NV), I’m on the post-harvest side. My role includes weighing the wet weight plant, drying, curing, trimming, setting up for testing, packaging and final distribution to dispensaries. In other words, I didn’t know much about growing other than the general bare basics knowledge. After this read however, I feel that I can at the least, communicate with someone knowledgeable and contribute to the conversation with some insight on the subject. I also have a gained confidence in my pursuit to start growing my own. Thank you Dr. M.J. Coco for the insightful, easy to read gem of a book here!

By T. Jerome Chisley (@PoeticPanther)

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