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VIDEO: Coffee and Cannabis Are Good for the Brain

VIDEO: Coffee and Cannabis Are Good for the Brain September 26, 20172 Comments

Photo by Merlene Goulet, Coffee and Cannabis Good for the Brain

Watch this brief study from psychology and neuroscience Professor Gary Wenk at Ohio State University. He speaks on how coffee and cannabis are good for the brain. Positive effects include slowing the aging process, protecting the brain’s neurons, and helping to prevent disease.

The video is a 3 minute view, very quick and concise. Watch now and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

By Madelyne Joy

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  1. Why does a professor use the term marijuana for the plant Cannabis Sativa ? This is outdated and incorrect term for any medical professional to use.

    1. Great point Steve, thanks. We also prefer and choose the proper term Cannabis whenever referring to the plant. However, the term marijuana still remains popular among the masses. We’ll keep doing our part in spreading the word and shifting the public language to ‘Cannabis‘ rather than ‘marijuana‘. Thanks again!

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