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The Creation of Chemdog 91 – Cannabis’ Greatest Origin Story

The Creation of Chemdog 91 – Cannabis’ Greatest Origin Story October 21, 2017Leave a comment

If you consider yourself a Cannabis fan, then you’ve most likely consumed Chemdog 91. One of the most famous strains to exist, it is not only a legend in and of itself, but it is the parent of many other super buds (including OG Kush and Sour Diesel). As I was smoking a bowl of Chemdog 91 the other day, I decided to do some research into the strain. Luckily for me, I found an awesome origin story.

According to legend, two best friends had agreed to spend their summer break following the Grateful Dead around the country. So, they hopped in a GMC and hit the road. After a few weeks, and at least ten concerts, they found themselves a little disgruntled. The concerts had been amazing, and they were having a great trip, but they had been having a hard time finding weed.

Fortunately, they met a guy named Joebrand at the next show. Joebrand promised the guys that he had great bud, so they bought an ounce for $500. It turned out he was a man who kept his promises, because the guys loved the bud. It was so good, they found Joebrand and asked him the name of the strain. He told them it had two nicknames: Chemweed and Dogbud.

The summer eventually came to an end, but one of the friends couldn’t get Joebrand’s weed off of his mind. So, he got in contact with Joebrand and had him ship him another ounce. It just so happened that in that ounce there was also 13 seeds. As the days passed and the ounce was smoked, he couldn’t get himself to throw out the seeds. He had never grown anything before, but he felt like he should try it. The weed was so good, it deserved to be shared with the world.

He planted the 13 seeds and Chemdog 91 (1991 was the year of the summer trip) was born.

Nowadays, if you’re smoking bud, there’s a solid chance Chemdog 91 (sometimes called Chemdawg 91) is at the top of its family tree. Next time you’re lighting up, take a moment to thank the Grateful Dead, Joebrand, and the kid—who awesomely decided to nickname himself Chemdog—for taking 13 seeds and producing one of Cannabis’ most legendary strains.

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By Joe Urso

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