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The Death of SB236: Where Can You Smoke in Las Vegas?

The Death of SB236: Where Can You Smoke in Las Vegas? November 1, 2017Leave a comment

The Death of SB236, Where Can You Smoke in Las Vegas? Buddy Jane

Recently, Nevada Senate Bill 236, which would allow businesses and events to permit the use of cannabis, died in the assembly! As stated on the NV legislative website, the bill would have allowed certain businesses to obtain a permit, issued by county and/or city government, to allow cannabis use on the business’ property or at various events.

So, if a business wanted to open its outside lounge to allow cannabis consumption and charge a fee, they would be able to do so, simply by obtaining a permit. That permit would easily help businesses generate more revenue and in turn, benefit the city’s economy as a whole. The denial of this decision doesn’t just affect these businesses and events for folks ‘partying’ on the strip. It affects anyone who wants to publicly indulge in smoking cannabis while in Las Vegas.

Since July 1st, 2017, you can purchase and have up to one ounce of cannabis in your possession without facing criminal charges. This is great but where can you go to smoke it? Casinos and hotels still prohibit smoking weed. This decision comes by way of Dr. Tony Alma of the Nevada Gaming Commission. If you feel ‘lucky’ enough, you may risk the chance of just going outside to smoke. But, again, it’s a risk. You may not get jail time for that first offense of smoking in public, but the $600 fine may leave a damper on your Vegas trip!

This is where SB236 would and should have come into play. Not only is the death of SB236 a bad thing for expanded growth potential for businesses. It also hinders the success potential for the cannabis industry in Nevada. The people that come here to buy and enjoy cannabis must be able to do just that… buy it and enjoy it! The state of Nevada is looking to gain a possible $73 million in tax revenue off of an estimated $484 million dollars in 2018. And this is a lowball projection. With all of that money on the line, something has got to give!

Here is where Senator Tick Segerblom comes into play. If the name Segerblom sounds familiar it may be because there is a Cannabis strain named after him. He also basically wrote the Nevada recreational bill along with SB236. Senator Segerblom stated in a recent webinar interview that legal steps will now be taken regarding a solution to the death of SB236. If you’re interested in hearing the 15-minute webinar broadcast just follow Las Vegas Cannabis Deals and scroll to Tick’s photo for the audio link.

As Las Vegas remains to be one of the most popular celebration mecca’s in the world, it’s hand in legal cannabis will only continue to expand. For now, let’s hope the process picks up and perhaps a new version of SB236 rolls out soon.

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By Tracy Jerome Chisley (@PoeticPanther)


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