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Exclusive Infused Dining at The Culinary Cannaseur Club

Exclusive Infused Dining at The Culinary Cannaseur Club June 19, 20182 Comments

Culinary Cannaseur Club-Buddy Jane

When our friend Chef Chelsea Smith reached out to us about the upcoming Culinary Cannaseur Club, not only had we just discovered the company online, we had already made a note to contact them to inquire about the event. The interest to get involved and at the least, attend, was already in motion. This was one of those special moments where the timing fell perfectly into place. Fast forward to about one month later, and here we are at their opening event.

On Saturday June 9th in beautiful San Diego, the sun was about an hour or two from setting when the event began at 6pm. Folks were gathering in, being greeted and checked in by the cheery wait staff with offerings of red or white wine. Walking in to the large room, a professional art studio space, clean and all white, with high ceilings and a few open windows, the aroma of cannabis smoke was already floating throughout. Tables were nicely set and people were mingling, passing joints, mostly in formal to semi-formal attire. It was a good ratio of women to men, average age of mid 20’s to late 30’s. While socializing, a mysteriously talented magician, Ben Silver, approached and hit us with a few unexplainable magic tricks that kept us all captivated and baffled for some time. Shortly after, the wait staff and hosts asked everyone to be seated at their assigned tables.

The first course arrived which was an infused Spicy Gazpacho Shot with a light and refreshing arugula salad. Both were very flavorful and fresh, a great beginning to the 4 course meal; 6 if you include the desserts. Right before this course, and each course following, Chefs Chelsea and Michael Smith introduced and briefly explained the meal, its ingredients, and the infusion options. For each course, a micro dose, 1 mg of cannabis infusion was offered. We opted for the infusion for each and purposely chose to not smoke or ingest any cannabis prior to the meal so we could measure out the feeling as the event progressed. After about 45 minutes we started feeling the light effects from the first infusion. The easy and light high was a seemingly perfect amount, and brightened the mood as we prepared for the next course.

There was a bit of extra time between courses which allowed for extra socializing and observing around the room. A playlist of 90’s music, mostly hip hop and rock, played just loud enough to fill the space, not too overbearing or competing with the many conversations throughout. Another highlight between courses was a silver platter of joints being offered by the hosts and staff to each table. Offering in the same way a waiter may offer hors d’oeuvres, this definitely added a unique touch to the evening. The joints were provided by Stone Road, which were nicely packaged with their brand information as well as the THC and CBD content. It was a surreal moment to look around at each table and see the constant rotation of joints being passed among friendly faces, relaxing, sipping wine, laughing and conversing over some delicious courses of food.

For the sake of time, we won’t go into each dish served though every course complemented the next, and the entire meal was excellent in both presentation and taste altogether. Have a look at the photos along with the menu to get a clear view of what was included. Chefs Chelsea and Michael Smith did an amazing job and are currently working with various cannabis brands offering their gourmet infusions in many upcoming cannabis events. For more, please visit them via Instagram at @thegoldenshatterdabber and @thebakedunicornqueen

As the evening progressed, the high continued to progress as well, leaving us, and seemingly everyone there, in great spirits. And for the final hour, attendees sipped wine with dessert as magician Ben Silver took the center and controlled the room with his engaging and, again, mind boggling magic. He called up a few volunteers and pulled off some truly amazing tricks. No spoilers, you’d have to witness in person to fully grasp the experience. The event wrapped up around 10/10:30pm and many in attendance walked away smiling on their way out which, for the opening event, seemed a success.

The Culinary Cannaseur Club has a series of events lined up throughout the summer and fall months where they’ll be hosting their brand of exclusive, upscale cannabis dinners as well as offering special classes, corporate events, seminars, product launch parties, and more. All with the sole purpose of bringing the cannabis community together in a safe, comfortable, and respectable atmosphere. Their motivation behind the events stems from a lack of public network support that large “hip” companies like Facebook and Google seem to neglect in the pro-cannabis space. Managing Partner Tom Nguyen states, “that’s why we developed The Culinary Cannaseur Club. What better way is there to build a strong relationship than sharing a meal with someone – just like it has been done for centuries!”

It’s companies like the Culinary Cannaseur Club that we are excited about who continue to expand the cannabis event experience and keep the network growing between industry heads and enthusiasts alike. To learn more about the company and to follow up on their upcoming events, visit the CC Club website HERE.

Culinary Cannaseur Club-Buddy Jane

Culinary Cannaseur Club-Buddy Jane

Culinary Cannaseur Club-Buddy Jane

CC Club-Buddy Jane

CC-CLUB-Buddy Jane

Ben Silver-CC Club-Buddy Jane



CC Club-Buddy Jane

By Stone Chomsky (@St0neChomsky)

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