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iCreate Through Psychedelics and Marijuana by Steve Jobs

iCreate Through Psychedelics and Marijuana by Steve Jobs October 5, 2017Leave a comment

Steve Jobs, Marijuana, Buddy Jane

One of our greatest inventors and innovators left us with a lot to think about. Apple co-creator and visionary Steve Jobs led the way of revolutionizing the way people connect with technology. He also shared his experienced connection of creativity and drug experimentation. Steve Jobs publicly attributed many of his best ideas to his earlier use of LSD, marijuana, and hash. In discussing his experience with LSD, he said “it was one of the two or three most important things I have done in my life.” He’s since become a bit of a cult-like leader in the professional world of ‘using’ for creativity purposes. The current trend of microdosing with psychedelics that has been popularized in the tech-world is in direct reference to Steve Jobs as companies follow suit, hoping to spawn the next iPod or iPhone.

Outside of the professional tech world, using psychedelics and cannabis for creativity is nothing new. Historically, many great creators of all types have made the connection between creativity and mind-altering substances. This  part of Steve Jobs’ legacy of innovation has shown that it pays not only to think different, but also to ‘do different’.

By Stone Chomsky (@StoneChomsky)

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