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Introducing… The Hazy Misadventures of Captain Spliff!

Introducing… The Hazy Misadventures of Captain Spliff! July 30, 2018Leave a comment

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Many cannabis advocates would agree that re-education is needed to combat all the misinformation that has, and continues, to be spread about the benefits of medicinal cannabis. Most information has been delivered in print form, various documentaries, online, and a few news/TV specials that have aired sparsely. Captain Spliff intends to take an approach that has not yet been known for delivering accurate information on the historical background of cannabis; pre-prohibition, during prohibition, and the current effort to reverse prohibition. Captain Spliff is delivering this information via comic books and cartoons.

When visiting the site you’re greeted by our hero and the most current Captain Spliff issue. When scrolling down to the bottom of this page you can read the statement in which heroes Captain Spliff, Honey Blunt and Agent 710 state the purpose of their mission… “We seek to educate and enlighten the public about the many virtues of medicinal Cannabis and industrial Hemp through knowledge based comic books and cartoons. Using the historical background of Cannabis prohibition as a basis, the comic features such icons as Richard Nixon, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, William Randolph Hearst and even Elvis Presley! Follow our stoned stupor heroes as they battle the corporate establishment in a never ending quest for Liberty & Justice for Pot!”

Captain Spliff comes from the vision of creator Jared Pitts. Jared has a diversified resume in the cannabis industry and is currently contracting those talents out with State Flower Cannabis-Nevada but the passion for creating Captain Spliff came much earlier. Jared became a cannabis advocate through his experience within the industry, being a smoker himself, and his underlying need, like Captain Spliff, to get Liberty & Justice for Pot publicly known. There are currently five issues available online that can be read for free. However, real comic book fans know there is nothing like having the copy in your hands to read. Captain Spliff accommodates this by letting you read the content online for free and for a small price of $5 per comic you can purchase the hardcopy of any wanted issues. Other merchandise includes T-shirts and posters, and stickers are free. Viewers can contact Jared when for purchases but note, each is available in limited editions/amounts.

We are excited to watch the progression from Captain Spliff as he seeks to continue to cleverly spread factual information about the usefulness of medicinal cannabis. This, all the while dispelling myths, inaccuracies and propaganda of the past. The information may not be considered proper reading for younger children but surely teens and up can benefit from the truth that Captain Spliff, Honey Blunt and Agent 710 are pushing. Projects like this that are done solely for fun, passion, and education which, with these intentions, can very well hit the target of their specific cause. To get more detailed information about the vision behind Captain Spliff, visit the website where you can also find his social media channels. Stay tuned… BAM! POW! PUFF!

By Tracy Jerome Chisley (@PoeticPanther)

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