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Michigan Introduces Two New Marijuana Proposals in November Ballot

Michigan Introduces Two New Marijuana Proposals in November Ballot October 14, 2017Leave a comment

Michigan Legalize Marijuana, photo by Andrew Small

Michiganians rejoice! A change of tide may be coming to Michigan soon as two new marijuana proposals hit the polls in Detroit, November 7th. The two proposals are put forward via petition by a group known as the Citizens for Sensible Cannabis Reform. They stand to be the next step on the road to legalization in Michigan.

Back in 2008, Michigan began its long journey towards legalization by passing measures decriminalizing medical marijuana, while still making it illegal to possess marijuana under federal law. This was regardless of medical need. The 2008 ballot proposal, known as the Michigan Medical Marijuana Initiative, not only decriminalized the use of medical marijuana by registered patients who have obtained a doctor’s approval, but also removed certain restrictions on cultivation by allowing patients to grow up to 12 cannabis plants. Qualified caregivers were also allowed to grow the same number of plants for each patient. This being a maximum of five patients per caregiver.

Though the Detroit proposals do not quite fully legalize the use of marijuana, Michigan’s existing medical marijuana industry may lower its restrictions.

The first measure calls for a decrease in the distance a dispensary can be from parks, liquor stores, daycare centers, churches and other dispensaries. This distance will drop from 1,000 feet to 500 feet. It would also allow dispensaries to stay open an hour later, from 8pm to 9pm. Furthermore, the second measure would allow growers and secure transporters to operate within additional industrial districts within Detroit.

And there you have it. Although the end goal of legalization in Michigan may seem distant, this is a definite sign of progress. Make your voice heard Michiganians! Get out there and vote yes this November 7th and help your state move one step closer to legalization.

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