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Mike Tyson Begins Construction on a 40-Acre Cannabis Resort

Mike Tyson Begins Construction on a 40-Acre Cannabis Resort January 18, 2018Leave a comment

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Mike Tyson is known for many things. From being a former professional heavy-weight boxing champion to starring in blockbuster movies and TV shows, to giving to various charity organizations. Tyson has also invested in various business ventures and his latest proves to be a shining example of how the “green rush” is continually expanding.

California is popularly known as the first state to legalize medical marijuana and just recently legalized recreational cannabis as of January 1, 2018. This decision has already created many business opportunities in the burgeoning California cannabis industry. Mike Tyson, along with business partners Robert Hickman and Jay Strommen, broke ground last month on a site located in California City, a small town located in the Mojave Desert approximately 110 miles north of Los Angeles. The groundbreaking was for what will be the future “Tyson Ranch.” The vision for the ranch is to be a destination for growers as well as cannabis enthusiasts. Tyson has about 40-acres of land which 20 acres will be dedicated to cultivation by master cannabis growers. The property will also feature facilities to assist those looking to become a grower in the cannabis industry.

The resort will also feature luxury amenities for its guests. In addition to having a camping, or “glamping” theme, it will also include an edibles factory, an amphitheater for various events and other areas dedicated to outdoor activities. California City Mayor Jennifer Wood has said that the ranch will help bring a “rebirth” to the town. It had originally been developed in the early 1950’s but never flourished as the developers had envisioned. This is an opportunity to turn all of that around. The city had already been looking to boost its economy by attracting businesses that are cannabis based. This venture will create lots of jobs for those in, and out of, the area. It looks to be a great contribution to the community as a whole.

Tyson is known to be a believer in the healing capabilities of cannabis. In the past, he had spoken about using cannabis while he was still boxing. Many boxing fans will remember that his TKO over Andrew Golota was changed to “no contest” after the former champ tested positive for cannabis. Now, his ranch will be looking to help improve medical research which CBD has been one of the main focuses. CBD has been proven as an anti-inflammatory and antipsychotic agent which helps treat a variety of ailments. CBD is also known as a great remedy for PTSD among veterans. The company that will operate the ranch, Tyson Holistic, is formed mainly with veterans and will have those who have served in the armed forces as a top priority. Along with this, Tyson is welcoming cannabis enthusiasts of all types to visit Tyson Ranch. As mentioned, he’s envisioning this to ideally be a public cannabis resort. Not only does this have the potential to grow Mike Tyson’s bottom line, but also for the state of California, and the cannabis industry in general.

By Tracy Jerome Chisley (@PoeticPanther)

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