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Native American Tribe Opens Largest Marijuana Store on The Planet!

Native American Tribe Opens Largest Marijuana Store on The Planet! November 16, 2017Leave a comment

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Varied backgrounds are getting into the cannabis industry in Las Vegas. From Frank Hawkins, former Oakland Raiders running back who is now part owner and Executive Director of Nevada Wellness Center dispensary. To Ed Bernstein, local accident & work injury attorney who also owns ReLeaf dispensary. The list goes on to include many already vested in other large business ventures in the valley. The latest to get into the cannabis green rush is the Paiute Tribe of Nevada. Less than a month ago Benny Tso, the tribe’s Chairman announced the initial opening of what has been dubbed the “Largest Marijuana Store on the Planet.”

Located off of Main Street & Washington Avenue in the downtown area of Las Vegas, NuWu Cannabis Marketplace sits on a 31-acre plot of tribal land which many locals weren’t even aware the Paiute Tribe owned. Once the full expansion is completed, NuWu will include at least 2 dispensaries and 3 massive greenhouses of 28,000 square feet. Each with a 10,000 square foot warehouse and a kitchen. “NuWu actually means ‘the people'” said Chris Spotted Eagle, vice-chairman of the tribe. NuWu Cannabis Marketplace will be bigger than any medical cannabis facility in Nevada, Arizona or Colorado. The Paiute Tribe partnered with Ultra Health, who has been in discussions with at least 20 other tribes in three states who are considering using sovereign nation status to get into the medical marijuana business.

Benny Tso explained that there had been recent changes in the reservation’s drug-testing policies so he eventually bought his first cannabis products from the tribe’s store. Benny mentioned that he picked up “Willie’s Reserve & Skywalker OG.” Just a few years ago, the idea of a cannabis business like this would have been laughed off by the tribe. Now, the small tribe which has fewer than 100 members, all voted to proceed. Benny mentioned… “I was shocked and surprised that the tribe overwhelmingly accepted and wanted to go forward with this venture.”

The Paiute Tribe is betting on Las Vegas being the hottest market for marijuana in the US. The new facility, which full expansion will take another few months, will cost roughly $5 million. NuWu plans to eventually stay open 24 hours and establish a drive-through service for customers.

By Tracy Jerome Chisley (@PoeticPanther)

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