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Nevada Reveals New Cannabis Edibles Warning Symbol

Nevada Reveals New Cannabis Edibles Warning Symbol August 28, 2018Leave a comment

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January 1, 2019 will be a day for change in Nevada regarding the way that edibles must be labeled for purchase. Production facilities all over Nevada (and other legal states) will now be required to display an updated redesigned symbol on every single-serving of a cannabis edible product. This is by order of the Nevada Marijuana Enforcement Division, which is part of the Nevada Department of Taxation.

According to the new state regulations, single-serving cannabis products and each individual serving containing no more than 10 milligrams of THC of a single-serving edible product must have a stamp or mold of the new symbol on it by January 1, 2019. For products that would not allow for a stamp or mold, for instance liquid or powder products, they must be packaged in child-resistant containers in individual servings boldly displaying the new symbol.

The new symbol was updated because the original symbol, which was the outline shape of Nevada on which a cannabis leaf sat and then an exclamation point was placed on top the leaf, drew criticism from edible production manufactures stating that the design would not be appropriate to scale for smaller products as well as the symbol not being compliant with basic design principles for product marketing. The new symbol displays a triangle on which an exclamation point and the letters “THC” rest upon the foreground.


Many production facilities are now wondering what will happen with the inventory they already have in stock when the January 1 date comes around. Of course, they will become compliant to be prepared for the new regulation date, but what about product that does not contain the symbol that had already been produced but not yet sold would be the concern. On this issue the matter has not be resolved on whether the product would have to be destroyed or would officials allow manufactures to sell improperly displayed products until that inventory has been cleared. A representative for the Nevada Department of Taxation Marijuana Enforcement Division, Steve Gilbert, wrote in an email to the Marijuana Business Daily…” Our goal is to help (the) industry meet the requirements of the law so that we do not need to face the question of destroying product. Given that the symbol has been released nearly five months before it needs to be on products, division inspectors will evaluate cases as the deadline approaches.”

Many in the cannabis industry in Nevada understand that protecting minors is extremely important and that this measure is geared towards that focus. There has been more of an effort to reduce the possibility of any minors getting hold of edibles and mistaking them for regular sugary treats. Most of the ways of protecting minors has come from changes in packaging which now clearly states any possible THC infused edible product and not using the type of graphics that would be more geared towards minors. However, most of the instances thus far of minors coming in contact with edibles has been via the black-market route whereby the minor is directly receiving the product from an unauthorized source.

By Tracy Jerome Chisley (@PoeticPanther)

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