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Rohrabacher–Blumenauer Amendment to Protect MMJ Until Feb. 8th

Rohrabacher–Blumenauer Amendment to Protect MMJ Until Feb. 8th February 2, 2018Leave a comment

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An agreement between Senate Democrats and Republicans was made this past Monday, to end the federal government shutdown. This continuing resolution will keep the government running for another 17 days. During this time, Congress is expected to take up legislations regarding cannabis, as well as other pressing issues such as DACA and border security.

As part of the resolution, the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment, which protects medical cannabis patients and caregivers in legal medical states, will remain in effect, but only until February 8th. First passed in 2014, the amendment prohibits the Department of Justice from using federal funds to suppress or restrict medical marijuana programs in states where it is legal.

These negotiations and their impact stand to be of great importance to the still nascent marijuana industry. Particularly being that the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment is the only federal law standing in the way of a potential crackdown on medical marijuana since Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ rescinding of the Cole Memo, on Jan. 4th.

For those who need a recap: The Cole Memo was a document originally drafted by former U.S. Attorney General, General James M. Cole. Issued in 2013, this memorandum indicated that prosecutors and law enforcement agencies should not focus federal resources, in their respective states, on individuals whose actions are in clear and unambiguous compliance with existing medical marijuana laws.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher told members of the press that, during this period of resolution, Congress will be maneuvering on current issues and the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment. Also adding that this is a time for people to contact their own members of Congress to be sure they back this amendment for the final bill.

If you’d like to have your voice heard, contact your local Congress members and let them know you support the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment and the legalization of cannabis.

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