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Are Jeff Sessions’ Views on Cannabis Reflecting Today’s America?

Are Jeff Sessions’ Views on Cannabis Reflecting Today’s America? September 8, 2017Leave a comment

Buddy Jane

“I am, as you know, dubious about marijuana.” Jeff Sessions

Buddy Jane

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is infamous for his blatant bias and outright stance against legalizing cannabis. A living throwback to the beginnings of the War on Drugs, Sessions has become known for spewing out public falsities such as “good people don’t smoke marijuana” and marijuana is “only slightly less awful than heroin” which are dangerously and irresponsibly inaccurate statements.

Buddy Jane

With 60% of Americans currently supporting the legalization of marijuana, AG Sessions’ views stand out as politically and culturally outdated. His continued denial of the medicinal properties of cannabis along with his push for strict enforcement of federal prohibition make for a potential setback to legalization. It is unlikely that Sessions will be able to reverse laws in cannabis-forward states such as Colorado, California, and Nevada, however, it could very well delay action in states that are currently considering legalization.

Buddy Jane

In conclusion, it is evident that our country’s resources can be focused on larger issues than debates of cannabis legalization. For instance, our current industry-fueled opioid crisis which Trump has recently spoken out about needing to resolve. One thought, with much logic and scientific backing, how about we use medicinal marijuana to directly combat opioid addiction?

Attorney General Sessions?

By Stone Chomsky (@StoneChomsky)

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