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Southern Nevada Heroin Task Force Conducts Cannabis Raid

Southern Nevada Heroin Task Force Conducts Cannabis Raid August 14, 2018Leave a comment


We have all heard before of raids conducted by local police or the DEA involving illegal cannabis operations in cities throughout the country. But recently, the Southern Nevada Heroin Task Force along with the Henderson Nevada Police (suburb of Las Vegas), Las Vegas Metro Police & agents from the federal Homeland Security Investigations department organized such a raid. One would have to think of why a special heroin task force would be behind a cannabis raid, but it connected with an on-going investigation that is pending an indictment via the Clark County District Attorney’s Office.

Authorities seized approximately $300,000 of illegal cannabis contraband from a Henderson Nevada man’s home after making a traffic stop this past May 2018. As part of an investigation law enforcement had been previously informed of the sale of drugs to minors. After the traffic stop the home in the 800 block of Sheerwater Avenue in Henderson was searched which led authorities to discover more than 52 pounds of cannabis infused edibles, 28 pounds of THC wax, over 3,500 THC vaporizer cartridges, a few pounds of cannabis flower and finally nearly 300 concentrated THC syringes. The man was not taken into custody nor was his name released due to that pending indictment according to Henderson Police spokesperson Rodrigo Pena.

Authorities have information that connects this incident with another investigation involving heroin, but it shows that there is still a highly lucrative black market involving cannabis. Riana Durrett is the Executive Director of the Nevada Dispensary Association and she understands that police will have to successfully deal with the black market that exists because the illegal dealings also take away tax dollars from the state’s economy. However, in this specific case the primary focus was on the illegal operation distributing its product mainly to minors. No matter if you have a medical or recreational cannabis environment the distribution of any product to minors could not be tolerated. The fight for legalization of cannabis has never been opposed to this stance.

As legalization continues to move forward state by state there will be more stories similar to this that develop from pure greed. But it also shows that the fight for legalization brings with it a certain focus on properly controlled distribution. This would responsibly protect minors and assure a clean safe cannabis product, especially in Nevada where cannabis testing is highest testing standards in the United States. Cannabis advocates would never push back on regulating cannabis intake for specific minors who would benefit medically while dealing with an existing condition, although its recreational use may not be looked upon with favor.

By Tracy Jerome Chisley (@PoeticPanther)

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