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The Highest of the Highs? Here’s The Stone Cold Truth About Bongs

The Highest of the Highs? Here’s The Stone Cold Truth About Bongs October 13, 2017Leave a comment

Stone Cold Truth About Bongs, Buddy Jane, Joe Urso

When it comes to smoking flower, everybody has a method they prefer. These preferences can sometimes lead to debates amongst high buddies, and these debates can last hours. We all have that friend that wants to roll a doob up, “because the Raw lets me really taste the bud.” Or the one who only wants to smoke blunts, “that Wood makes the OG extra strong, and I’m in the mood to be stoned.” Or the one who only wants to hit the pipe or bowl, “simple and healthy high man, what could wrong with that?” And, for sure, we all have that friend who loves bongs… “I wanna get hella high and there’s only one way to make that happen. Grab the two footer, with honeycomb percs, and the ice chamber!”

Unfortunately for your bong loving friend, they’re technically wrong. See, the water you put in the bottom of the bong serves three purposes. First, and most simply, it provides a fun noise and something to watch, when you’re taking a hit. I mean, who doesn’t love the relaxing sound of bubbles accompanying their hit? And watching the smoke pull through the bubbles and up, into your mouth? C’mon, it’s awesome. Then, there’s the fact the water cools down the hit, making it less harsh than if the hit came through a pipe, paper, or blunt. Lastly, the water and percs are meant to serve as a filter. As amazing as Cannabis is, it still produces some toxins, like tar, when it is combusted. Good news is the water in your bong takes care of a lot of that nasty stuff for you.

However, this is where your bong loving friend comes back into the picture. It’s during this process of filtering out the bad stuff, that we lose some of our good friend THC. Yes, it’s true. If you put half a gram of Purple Haze in a pipe and smoked it on Tuesday, and half a gram of Purple Haze in a bong and smoked it on Wednesday, technically you inhaled a significant amount more THC on Tuesday. Based on the science, a bong is not the best way to get “hella high.

Of course, there is a caveat. I mentioned earlier that the water cools the smoke, making it easier to inhale (if your bong has an ice chamber, it’s even easier). This allows the smoker, especially one with experience, to inhale massive hits if they so choose. This means, using the aforementioned example, that the Purple Haze you smoke out of your bong on Wednesday could get you higher than on Tuesday, even though you’re getting less THC. And this is simply because you’re inhaling three to four times the amount of smoke per hit.

To get really stoned, a bowl or blunt may be your best option, THC wise. But of course, there’s an undeniable treat in taking a few monster rips out of your favorite bong. The choice is yours. Either way, happy smoking!

By Joe Urso

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