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Today in The United States of Americannabis

Today in The United States of Americannabis August 31, 2017Leave a comment

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Current research shows that more Americans today admit to consuming cannabis on a daily basis than ever before in US history.

Recent Facts

In a July 2017 poll, it was reported that 45% of Americans admit to trying cannabis at least once in their life. In short, this translates to approximately 112 million people. Furthermore, the number of users who admit to daily consumption is heavily increasing. In 2013’s Gallop Poll, just 7% of participants admitted to using cannabis on a routine basis. In the most recent poll, 12% said they use cannabis regularly, and some daily. This means that roughly 1 out of every 8 Americans enjoys cannabis quite frequently.

Reasons for the Rise in Cannabis Use

Legalization of both recreational and medicinal use has opened access to a variety of people who may have never thought of trying cannabis.

The de-stigmatization of the “stoner” stereotype. There is a growing number of professionals and influential figures publicly supporting cannabis use and legalization. This continues to change the face and view of who today’s marijuana user is.

Through legal access, the variety of ways for people to consume cannabis outside of smoking is becoming increasingly popular. This includes edibles, concentrates, tinctures, vaporizers, oils, and topicals.

The epidemic of opioid addiction. This public crisis and mistrust of the pill industry is leading people to seek alternative and holistic medicine, including cannabis.

Studies from scientists and doctors who support cannabis as medicine. The natural benefits and overall safety of cannabis over many other types of legal medicine is ever-growing.

By Stone Chomsky (@StoneChomsky)

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