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Top Five Stoner Picks in Hip Hop

Top Five Stoner Picks in Hip Hop September 6, 20174 Comments

No other music genre today has a bigger influence on the cannabis culture than hip hop. These legendary rappers/professional stoners are some that have not only given loads of great music to the population as a whole, but especially listeners who like to sit back with some weed, edibles, dabs, etc. and vibe to the music as part of the euphoric atmosphere. Here are my picks for the top five in the rap game. I highly recommend every rapper on this list.

5. Mac Miller – Pittsburgh, PA rapper with unique style and a natural flow. Great to blaze to! With hits
like ‘Nikes On My Feet’ and ‘Donald Trump’, you can’t go wrong with this man!

4. Smoke DZA – One of New York’s finest! Original flow and consistent delivery. A ‘Continental Kush Breakfast’ sounds great right about now, don’t you think?

3. Devin the Dude – Houston native with a smooth and melodic sound. One of the truest as far as weed songs go!  ‘Doobie Ashtray’ is a certified stoner classic, beyond hip hop. Just sayin’…

2. Wiz Khalifa – One of the most notable outspoken stoners in rap. With his hard hitting beats, easy flow, and catchy harmonized hooks, Wiz Khalifa stays on point with the weed-laced anthems.

1. Snoop Dogg – Was this even up for debate?! The legendary West Coast rapper’s catalog transcends stoner music with a career that has developed into him being a major symbol of the cannabis movement. Snoop is as much a pioneer in the field of cannabis as he is in the music itself. Major salute!


  • Honorable Mentions: Kid Cudi, Curren$y, Ab-Soul, Method Man & Redman, B-Real (Cypress Hill), 2 Chainz, and Berner. Leave a comment if we missed someone you think should be mentioned here.

By AVIATOR (@AviatorSmooth)

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