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Where To Get High: 5 Favorite Places, Events, and Settings to Smoke Weed

Where To Get High: 5 Favorite Places, Events, and Settings to Smoke Weed September 24, 2017Leave a comment

Where To Get High: 5 Favorite Places, Events, And Settings , Buddy Jane, Photo by Dani Ramos

The powerful effects of cannabis can be an amazing experience no matter where you are. I’ve experienced these effects in a number of different locales but for this I am listing just five favorite places, events, and settings I consider to be a great high. Let’s go!

1. The Beach –  Imagine lighting one up on the beach while the waves hit your feet in the middle of a sunlit day. This, with some good friends, music, endless ocean views ahead, and blue skies above. There isn’t much that can beat this feeling. The beach is an essential and ideal place to enjoy a great high.

2. The Car – The term ‘hot box’ can refer to smoking weed in any confined space, room, tent, etc. but is most commonly used to describe a smoke session inside a vehicle. Smoking weed in the car with friends, the stereo blasting, and windows up, is one of the most memorable ways to maximize a good high. Even for those non-smoking friends who’ve sat in the car during a hot box session. By sitting in the smoke filled space for minutes on end, the smoke seems to soak through the entire body. It’s safe to assume that hot boxing is where the term contact high was coined. *Please note, this is in reference to smoking in parked cars only, not while driving ; )

3. Professional Sporting Events – There’s nothing like being stoned at your favorite sporting event. It’s not quite the most ‘peaceful’ setting to smoke at. However, there’s an electric-like energy of watching your favorite team ball out while on weed. That is, unless your team sucks which, for that matter, at least you got high. Right?

4. Movie Theater – Watching movies is a great experience while sober, but when high, a movie can become a full on interactive event. Watching a well crafted film in the theater while stoned can provide a true escape. The immersing stimulation of high-def sound and visuals in a dark theater is one of the best entertainment inventions ever. Mix it with marijuana, and it’s an absolute treat to the senses.

5. Concerts – Being stoned while your favorite artists play live can transcend into a variety of experiences. Music is all emotion. Watching even just one artist play can take your high from intense joy to sadness to complete rage within minutes. Though concerts are commonplace for alcohol and other drugs, weed and music together have the power to relax and stimulate like no other. At any good concert, there are moments when the vibration of music and the mass of people connect at once in stillness. Whether through dancing, singing, or everyone clapping along to the same beat, it is this unifying element that both weed and music have in common. Experiencing them together can be very powerful and memorable.

Note, I am not saying that any of the above places, events, and settings are not great experiences while sober. There’s just a certain ‘extra’ element added to each occasion when experienced with cannabis. That said, what’s your favorite place to get high?

Leave us a comment below with some of your favorite places.

By AVIATOR (@AviatorSmooth)

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