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Where Were You The First Time You Smoked Weed?

Where Were You The First Time You Smoked Weed? September 13, 2017Leave a comment


College was a special time for me. It was the start of me becoming my own individual and building a name for myself. It was also my first time experiencing marijuana. Yes, I did not have my first blunt ’til I was 18 which is funny considering many of you probably had your first before you started puberty.

In college I never saw weed as a need or as a form of stress relief. I saw weed as a pastime, as an opportunity for people to gain comradery and share wisdom. Weed allowed me to become more open minded and creative in practice and in my overall perspective. It also broadened my social life. I grew more open to connecting with people outside of my regular social circle which brought me close to a lot of amazing people that I may have not even met had we not shared a smoke.

In sharing this brief story, I challenge you to not only use weed for self-consumption, but also to connect with people. Those who share your love of cannabis as well as those who may not. And for your friends who haven’t experienced weed yet, share with them. Let them know it isn’t just about getting high. It’s about getting to know yourself and others in a way that can be reflective, expanding, and truly connecting.

By AVIATOR (@AviatorSmooth)

*Note, this is an ongoing series of real people’s shared experiences. If you would like to share your first cannabis experience with us, please submit your story to or leave a comment below. 

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