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Buddy Jane, for the cannabis community and industry, is where you can unleash your creativity without the risk of being flagged or deleted. A fully immersive, no judgement community, where cannabis is not only welcome… it’s thriving.

No matter how big or small your business or brand is, no matter what you're creating or selling, find your audience and cultivate your influence on Buddy Jane.

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Tap into unique engagement solutions and immersive formats to creatively and authentically connect with the cannabis community around the world.

Discover a world full of cannabis enthusiasts waiting to discover your brand

Reach audiences in regions where cannabis is legal

Buddy Bucks Social Token & NFT Marketplace

First Cannabis App To Integrate With Blockchain Crypto & NFT Technology

Capture Your

Buddy Jane has created the first Social Token for our community to earn Buddy Bucks and gain access to exclusive content, earn discounts, send friends Buddy Bucks, and reward influencers with tips for content and livestreams. Capture your moments and monetize your influence with NFTs. Coming soon!

Grow your brand.

Grow your influence.

Grow your business.

Maximize ROI by ensuring you put the right ad in front of the right audience at the right time. Track your marketing efforts in real-time and optimize your performance.

Innovative Fun Features


  • Cannabis centric community
  • Photo, text & video content
  • Increased engagement, presence and visibility

Buddy Bucks

  • Product discounts / increased customer retention
  • Social token
  • Coming soon

Secure Chat Messaging

  • Direct consumer / patient communication
  • Live private video communication

Bud Finder

  • Business directory & sales
  • Find local Buddies
  • Educational content

NFT Marketplace

  • Capture your moments
  • Monetize your influence


  • Video Upload & Custom Channels
  • Group videos & exclusive content


  • Market to a concentrated cannabis community, increasing your business or brand visibility
  • Highly Recommended & Billboard advertising

Legal & Safe

  • Buddy Jane only promotes legally licensed businesses
  • Buddy Jane is a trusted & safe platform

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